Trainee Curriculum – Software Engineer


Pre-requisites are non-mandatory but the student has to clear the interview. If not cleared the student will get trained for 2 months with the below fee structure and then reappear for the interview to be selected for the next level of training


Software Engineering Relational Database Management System
Software Engineering Overview Installation and Setup
Software Development Lifecycle Data Definition Language
Software Project Management More on Alter Table
Software Requirements Data Manipulation Language
Software Design Basics Selection From a Table
Software Analysis and Design Selection From Multiple Table
Software Design Strategies Database Design
Database Design
Aggregate Functions
MySQL Functions – String functions & Date functions
Object Oriented Technology UIX Development – Graphic Design
Getting Started in Object Oriented Programming Introduction to Design
Object Oriented Programming – Definitions How to improve your video quality
Object Oriented Programming – Practice
HTML, CSS Photoshop
Introduction Introduction to Photoshop’s Tools
Web Development Basics – HTML Selection Tools
Advanced HTML Concepts Cropping, Sampling, and Measuring
Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Photo Corrections
Advanced CSS Brushing
Bootstrap Basics Stamps, History, and Erasing
Gradient and Paint Bucket
More Digital Darkroom Tools
Pen and Type Tools
Shape, Hand, and Zoom Tools

Part I – Full Stack Developer

Design Thinking WordPress
Introduction & Design Thinking Skills Introduction
Design Thinking Skills Prepare Hosting, Servers, and Install WordPress
Identifying Customer Needs Build a Brochure Site
Applied Creativity: Product Concept Generation Build a Blog Style Homepage Site
Design of Services and Customer Experience Migrating WordPress for Staging and Development
Financial Analysis Premium Themes, Frameworks and Child Themes
Design for Environmental Sustainability Premium Plugins and Choosing Plugins
HTML, CSS Build a Specialized Homepage Site, Corporate Style
Introduction Build a Scrolling Homepage Site
Web Development Basics – HTML Custom Post Types with the Author Pro Plugin
Advanced HTML Concepts Email Systems: Transactional, Marketing and Send/Receive at domains
Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Build an Ecommerce Site
Advanced CSS Managing Updates, Security and Speed
Bootstrap Basics Proposals, Maintenance Plans, and Client Billing
Javascript, jQuery, AJAX PHP
JavaScript for Beginners Introduction to PHP
More JavaScript Concepts Data Types and More
Getting Started with jQuery Control Structures
More jQuery Custom Functions
Project  – Pipboy from Fallout 4 PHP Built-in Functions
Project  – Google Chrome Extension How To Use Form Data in PHP
How To Use Databases in PHP
PHP Security
PHP and The Web
Object Oriented PHP Introduction
Working with files
[Hands-on]  CMS Project
Project / Blogging System – Front End and First Steps More Security
 Categories & More… Taking the Project to the Internet
 POSTS Sending Emails
 COMMENTS Bootstrap Modal Delete Confirm Feature
 USERS No posts or category message feature
 Login Some miscellaneous features
 Profile Having fun with bugs
 Dashboard Refactoring part 1
Improving Our CMS New registration system
CMS Extra Features Adding Prepare statements to our application for security
Extra Features – User Registration Extra feature – Pretty URL’s
Extra Features – Author Related Posts Extra Feature – Forgot Password System
Pagination Extra Feature – Forgot Password System – Sending Email
 Extra Features – Users ONLINE Extra Feature – Realtime Notifications with Pusher
Extra Feature – NEW Simple Password
Encrypting and Login System
Extra Feature – POST LIKES
Extra Feature – Improved Comment system count and display Extra Feature – Creating A Separate Admin for Logged In Users
Extra Feature – Post for Specific User in admin Extra Feature – Multi-Language Feature

Part II – Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Technology Hyperledger using Virtual Machine on Windows
Introduction Hyperledger Introduction
Basic Understanding Hyperledger Fabric & Composer Concepts
Advance Understanding Pre-Requisites for Fabric development
Hyperledger on Ubuntu Virtual Machine: Hyperledger Fabric Dev Environment Setup
Introduction Native: Hyperledger Fabric Dev Environment Setup
Tutorials Dev Environment Setup overview & Tools usage
Developing Business Networks Fabric Under the Hood (Concepts & Terminology)
Developing Applications Using Composer Tools for Application Development & Administration
Integrating existing systems Business Network Application Modelling
Managing your Hyperledger Composer Solution Composer SDK / API : Coding the Client Apps
Diagnosing Problems Composer SDK / API : Coding the Transaction Processors
Reference material for Hyperledger Composer Developing Front End Applications for Network Applications
ACME Airline Rewards Initiative
Ethereum, Solidity & React  
What is Ethereum? Real Projects with Ethereum
Smart Contracts with Solidity Ethereum Project Infrastructure
Advanced Smart Contracts Advanced Multi-Page Front-Ends
Building Interactive Front-Ends Basic React

Part III – Data Scientist

Python for Deep Learning Neural Network & Deep Learning
Python for Deep Learning Introduction to Neural Network and Deep Learning
Introduction to NumPy Mathematics for Deep Learning : Linear Algebra part 1
Introduction to Pandas Math for Deep Learning : Functions and Convex optimization
Object Oriented Programming Concepts Introduction to Loss Functions
Other Python Libraries Neural Networks deconstructed for Supervised Learning (Classification)
Mathematics – Probability Building Blocks of Neural Networks
Vectors and Matrices TensorFlow, Keras, and Tensorboard
Babysitting the Neural Network
Functions Project Work
Computer Vision Natural Language Processing
Introduction Introduction to Statistical NLP Techniques
Working with Images Word Embeddings
CNN Building Blocks Introduction to Sequential models
Project Work NLP Applications
CNN Architectures, Transfer Learning, Visualizations Project Work
Semantic Segmentation and Object Detection
Project Work
CNNs at work: Siamese Network for Metric Learning
Project Work

Road Map

Program Implementation Process