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The need for online mentors


Starting your own business is one of the bravest decision that a person makes in his/her life. The whole process of getting to the decision of starting a business involves the person to go through a lot of different stages.

The first thing is the idea generation. A lot of ideas pass through a person’s mind but very few of them are worth the trouble. And even when a person identifies those few special ideas that are worthwhile, it takes a lot of effort to make the idea commercial. Getting an idea is only 20 % of the work. The real hustle is in making the idea commercial. But the hustle gets a tad bit easy if there’s someone to guide you along the journey.

The startup culture in India has taken a really huge boom over the last decade, but when even with all the noise around that and the government’s proactiveness in inducing the startup culture in India with movements like Make In India, a very high percentage of startups have failed over the last decade.

India has provided for a nurturing ground to numerous startups in the past few years but they are merely clones of Western ideas. The lack of technical innovation in India has led to venture capitalists restricting funding, resulting in the slow decay of entrepreneurship in India.

A report tells that the number of IT startups in the country has slumped to 800 in the first nine months of 2017 from over 6,000 in all of 2016.

This is a result of a lack of capital, advisors, funds, and most importantly uniqueness. There is a dire need of advisors, mentors for such startups who can tell them when to stop, where and how to proceed.

Obviously, there are many advisors, mentors out there but it is not physically possible for the entrepreneurs or the mentors to meet at for strategic advises in the cities, leave alone the rural areas.

And in a country where around 67% of the population is in rural areas, there is a real need for a platform where mentors can meet entrepreneurs digitally.


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